Design Forms on your Desktop and Distribute to Mobile Devices

Pendragon Forms is a robust forms designer and mobile data collection software. Quickly design forms such as surveys, inspections, or work orders on your desktop and distribute them to mobile devices--no coding required. The simplicity and ease of use makes Pendragon Forms accessible to even the least tech-savvy team members, but the depth of the platform allows for more sophisticated applications using barcoding, geo-location, scripting, and integration with enterprise applications.

Core Capabilities

Rapid Design

Create and design forms with our Form Designer. No coding required.

Easily Manage

View your data online or export it for an in-depth, offline analysis.

Offline Data

Collect data online or offline using the Pendragon Forms app on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

Secure Data

Sync your data from anywhere online to a secure cloud database.

Advanced Solutions

Create sophisticated apps using barcoding, geo-location, scripting, and other advanced features.

Enterprise Integration

Easily integrate your custom solution into your existing IT ecosystem.


Mobile Form Designer

Form Design and Preview
Field Types

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Custom Mobile Software

Synchronization rules
Users & Groups

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Mobile Database Synchronization

Data Management

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Integrating Mobile Applications

Active Directory
Custom Hosting

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